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Luces de teatro o cine

Our Prizes

Exclusive for competitors


Official Dubai Certificate

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Format: Digital
Size: A4

Request your official Dubai digital certificate and have it framed in your studio! You will receive it the next day after requesting it!

Price: 18 Euros

New Price: 12 Euros


Dubai Nominee.png

Official Dubai Trophy 2024

Height: 30cm x 8cm. Weight: 2.2kg

Hand-carved, black crystal base and personalized laser engraving  (Express delivery and shipping insurance)

NEW PRICE:  109 Euros
Price:    220 Euros

(50% discount valid until June 20,

shipping to Europe, North America, and Asia)


Dubai Nominee.png

Official Laurels

Format: PNG

Download your official laurels and proudly display them on your movie poster! You will receive them in your notification message!

Dubai Nominee.png

After placing your order, you will receive an email from our team within 24 hours with the information we need.


Why do certificates and trophies have a price?

We work with independent designers from all over the world, the money is donated directly to them.
At the Festival we believe in the importance of giving back, this support is a great contribution to independent artists and the industry.

Each certificate or trophy ordered is one more job.

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